amaro di toscana


Amaro Toscana is dark and rich in color and features a spicy scent with particularly strong aromatic notes that are typically characteristic of the surrounding region. The texture is full-bodied and supple with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. The recipe is a cold blend of 27 carefully selected medicinal herbs. It can be served after a meal straight up as a mellow digestive or as a conversational drink. So, be it neat, mixed, or on ice, it’s there for your enjoyment.

  Amaro di Toscana
CL. 75
Alcohol content: 30
Serving temperature: 8° C or very cold
Color: dark brown
Flavor: harmonious with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste
 Amaro di Toscana



This is a young grappa (a grape-based
pomace brandy) produced from a single
Sangiovese grapevine.
Unmistakable bouquet of aromas.

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quality has deep roots
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