Gabriello Santoni


Long-standing family traditions


Gabriello Santoni, the founder of the Santoni Distillery, has always been driven by a distinct passion for quality. Granted this choice, in 1961, his biggest dream came true: to create in Chianciano Terme a liqueur made from a careful blend of 34 herbs and roots, the perfect expression of this most extraordinary land.
Ever since then, the magic is continually being renewed, drop after drop, in every scent and every flavor that are to be found in all of Santoni’s exclusive specialties.

Gabriello Santoni  


Italian life style


Even as far back as Fellini’s Dolce Vita, Santoni has been one of Chianciano Terme’s leaders in local consumer products, a symbol of the Italian lifestyle.
Artisanal care in the creation of all products together with a passion for innovation has enabled the Santoni Distillery to produce flavors of the most refined and sophisticated levels, making each bottle a truly unique experience.

quality has deep roots
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